Resubmitted Digital Presentation

The following is a Prezi of my Digital Presentation:

  1. Image is everything.  A company is only as good as its image.  With this presentation, I learned that no matter how poorly something looks, it can be remedied.  It may take time, but restoring an image is worth it. This is especially true after the Cirque du Soleil accident.  They are still thriving and making great strides in the circus world.  They need to keep their image positive as to attract more customers.  This is true for must companies.
  2. I learned that media production can be a pain.  I tried several methods before coming up with a PowerPoint, and then a Prezi.  I was unsuccessful several times for this assignment.  Well, my PowerPoint was not appropriate for this assignment.  I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to resubmit.  I tried Prezi this time.  I liked it because, presentation wise, it’s concise and neat.  It also allows for interesting ways to present a topic.
  3. I don’t think I pushed myself as much as I could with the production aspect of this assignment.  In my mind, I felt that it would be simple, but it was actually the hardest part of the presentation.