Oral Presentation

My oral presentation is about miscommunication on the Internet.

Thinking about miscommunication and how it happens so often on the Internet.  I was able to find a good example through the use of memes.  While reading more about Habermas’s theory of communicative action, I thought the use of “communicative acting” is a neat concept.  You purposely send a message with intent.  There’s no manipulation.  Which, this is the way we all should be communicating.

I liked using audio software with this assignment.  I’ve used Soundcloud before, but I was having some trouble this time around.  So, I decided to use my cell phone’s voice memo app to see how it would work.  I liked how I was able to record and instantly import into iMovie, which just made a voice clip.  I then uploaded it to my YouTube.  While this seems like a lot of steps, it worked out seamlessly.  I may use this method in the future.

To complete this assignment, I had to think outside of the box because Soundcloud wasn’t working for me.  Finding new ways to use technology is important.  Technology is changing all the time.


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