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Being a creative consultant is a job that is necessary in today’s society.  Creative consultants help organizations become successful by helping them come up with innovative ways to advertise and to gain a customer base.  This is especially important because of the ever changing world around us.  If I were a creative consultant, I would use the following three ways to help my clients integrate innovation and creativity into their organization.

  1. Open Source Software:  According to a Forbes article titled, “Why all the ‘Open Source’ Innovation?” (2015), companies use open source software because of the price tag; $0.  Places like Facebook and Google offer a tech aspect that is easy to use.  Many companies can use these open source software to build their business with ease.  Using Facebook and Google make being innovative easy.  Any person with a computer can create a free account and make a page for their business.  Facebook reaches millions of people and is a good tool to improve a business.facebook-create

    2.Peter Senge’s ideas of learning organization is a great tool when thinking about a new business.  What ways can we keep an organization strong?  Senge shows us that when people continue to learn and grow they can enhance their capabilities.  As a creative consultant, I would hold professional development to keep the employees at top performance.  Being a consultant for an aerial troupe for example, I would arrange for various workshops on the different apparatuses and I would also have a workshop on rigging.  Aerialists need to be up to date and knowledgeable about other apparatuses.  Knowing how to rig equipment would also enhance their capabilities.

    3. Before advertising and strengthening employees can happen, organizations need to create an image for themselves.  This is the image that will be branded in the minds of the consumers.  This image will show how to “treat people how to treat you by the way you treat your brand”(Regina, 2016).  Image is everything.strength.jpg

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