COM 610 Reflection Blog 2

Human Resources are the “heart and soul” of an organization.  This particular department takes the “machine” element and makes it more…well…human.  Why do we have Human Resources?  Well, to not only protect the company interests, but to also protect the employees interests as well.

In the 1960s and 1970s, the U.S. saw a vast change in laws because of the Civil Rights movement.  One of the most recognizable statements we see as we apply for jobs is from the EEOC, or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which prohibits discrimination in employment (Heathfield, 2016). At the beginning of this movement, the HR department was seen as a protector of these rights; as time moves on, HR is this and more. As we continue on in the 21st century, companies are faced with globalization, technological advances, and more competition.  As I said before, HR is the “heart and soul”.  While the “heart” may be hiring/firing, the “soul” is what they deal with on a daily basis.  These 21st century challenges create unique problems for HR.  Their job now is much different than in was in the 1960s.  According to Dave Ulrich, HR will be more of a business strategic partner that works to establish effective organizational processes.  They will also serve as an employee champion which will answer questions and concerns by the staff (May, 2016).

While I feel that HR has many jobs, a very important job is recruitment.  Without recruitment, the jobs would not get filled as efficiently.  Recruiters screen applicants and start the hiring process.  This makes for a much easier hiring process.  When I was about to graduate college, I was on the hunt for a teaching job.  I attended a Teacher Fair and was introduced to a recruiter for Cumberland County Schools in North Carolina.  I was just about to leave to finish my studies in Australia, but this recruiter kept in contact with me throughout the rest of my studies.  When I was back in the states, she got me three interviews with schools and I ended up with a job right after I graduated.  This part of HR is so important.  I felt wanted and cared about, not just another number.  I had value which made me excited to start my career with Cumberland County Schools.

Human Resources really means, Human Connection.

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