Week 1 Blog

Today we were asked to explore “The Good” in our life at this time and place.  This particular statement, or idea, was easy to come up with for me.  I just recently became a mom in December.  I had a baby boy and he is the light of my life.  With all new things, come questions and doubts.  One of my biggest questions and doubts was breastfeeding.  Would I do it?  Would I be ABLE to do it?  How long? In public?   Not only is it something I think about daily, but it is also the center of controversy in America. The sexualization of the breasts have left many women distraught over nursing in public. When my son was born, I made the decision to breastfeed him.  We’ve been doing a combination of both bottle and breast and it is working great for us.  As far as nursing in public, I have a few times and was never met with any adversity.

Now, according to the text (Arnett), we promote our goods with our communicative practices.  Since my experience has been relatively easy going and stress free, I protect and promote the idea of breastfeeding to my pregnant friends.  Sharing my experiences helps them see things from my point of view. They may be more likely to try nursing in public.

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