Week 5 APA Style Guide

APA, along with MLA, have been formats that I’ve used all throughout my high school, undergraduate, and graduate careers. So, I guess you could say that I’ve been using these since 1999. I was also an English major for my undergraduate degree and worked as a writing center consultant (which I needed to be well versed in all writing styles).  I was also a high school English teacher for seven years.  Even with all of this experience with writing styles, there are still a few questions I have when looking specifically at APA formatting.  For example, what’s the purpose of a running header?  Also, why must the in text citations be so long?

There really isn’t anything that surprises me about APA anymore.  I understand that it was created to increase reading comprehension among psychologists, sociologists, and business managers.  APA gives these fields uniform use of charts, citations, and the way they write their papers.

At this point, I feel that any rule that is hard to remember can be looked up at anytime online.  We do live in a world of technology where knowledge is literally at our fingertips.  There is no excuse not to know something anymore.  Knowledge is power, and we need to harness the resources that we have to be successful.


Week 2 Scavenger Hunt

This week’s assignment was to go on a scavenger hunt of sources and articles using the databases provided.

We also needed to pick a topic of our choosing that we will use for a research project throughout the remainder of the course. Since I am expecting a child, I decided to do my research on vaccinations.  Vaccinations have been a controversial topic for years, and it interests me to see what experts are saying.

Attached is my works cited page of references for the Scavenger Hunt!


Week 1

As I type my blog post with my WordPressApp on  my  iPhone 6, I would say that I am very comfortable with digital media and online learning. Growing up I was fortunate enough to be able to experience technology quite a bit. My dad loves computers and technology, so we always had to try the lastest gadget. Having this around me for so long helped me to become a natural when working with new technology. It gave me an interest in robots and wanting to join the robotics team in high school. 

As far as online learning goes, this is not my first online class. I earned my first masters degree completely online. I loved being able to use the technology to really enhance my projects and learning. When making the Skype, YouTube, and WordPress accounts the only account I didn’t have was WordPress. Overall it was a good experience. I was able to find the app, which will make posting on the move much easier. Overall, all three accounts were quite simple and easy to make and navigate. Most online resources these days are extremely user friendly. I’m looking forward to using technology to enhance my learning with this course.